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An Answer to a Hard Question

The residents who come to fellowship on Tuesday afternoons are family. Regardless of the obstacles we face, study definitely exudes a casual warm vibe. We are clearly growing closer throughout the weeks.

Naturally, when the familial atmosphere engenders a feeling of safety, tough questions emerge. Big, challenging questions regularly punctuate our discussion. Regardless of the inquiry, it is important to remember that behind every question is a questioner, a precious child of God looking for answers, comfort and understanding.

Wisdom is required to respond to all questions- even those that can’t be answered in this world (at least not to our complete satisfaction).

So what is percolating underneath a question? What animates an inquiry? Discerning the unspoken need or wound is essential when seeking to administer the appropriate balm instead of spewing some stilted theological response.

One Tuesday afternoon someone wanted to know why there is evil and chaos in the world, if God is so good. While this can be roundly answered through unpacking the Scriptures, I sensed that my sister was not just looking for a theological response. I suspected that she knew the answer already.

The fallen world can, at times, make even the redeemed feel unsafe. After all, challenging circumstances erupt in every life. So what we need is a deeper experience of God’s love expressed in uncountable ways through Christ Jesus. We are always safe in Him and He will work all things together for good (Romans 8:28)! But do I really believe the Word of God or will I allow passing circumstances to define my life and (mis)shape my trust?

So we tackled the Biblical perspective on why everything seems broken. Although she and others mentally assented to my brief explanation, no one seemed to draw significant comfort from the answer. What breaks through nagging questions and all noetic barriers into the heart is love.

As we learn to trust in the Lord with our whole heart and enter into a deeper experience of His love for us, these seemingly insurmountable inquiries are dwarfed by the awesome presence of our Creator.

God loves you. Jesus loves you and is always thinking about you. These aren’t anemic spiritual niceties-they are eternal, scriptural truths that will change everything and lead each child into the arms of the Almighty. However we need to be unmovable, believing His promises while trusting God’s amazing character.

Together, the family of God is learning to whole heartedly trust in the Lord because we are convinced that The Lord is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, abounding in steadfast love. Safe in His hand, we press on. He is the answer to all our questions.

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