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Celebrating 100 Years

Can you imagine what it would feel like to turn 100 years old? It seems like such an impossibility but Renaissance Home Forks recently had one of their residents celebrate their 100th birthday! Thankfully due to the COVID-19 vaccine Jennie was able to share this momentus occasion with her family. Our facility was lucky enough to have a small group of her vacinated family come celebrate with her and share with us a little bit about her life.

Jennie Marie Castone was born on April 17, 1921 in Phillipsburg, NJ. She was the oldest of 6 siblings. Her parents lived and prospered wellinto their 90's before passing. Jennie grew up on Stigreaves St. in Phillipsburg, NJ and worked in the garment industry as a sewing machine operator. Jennie met and married the love of her life, Joseph Castone, on September 23, 1944. He was the son of Italian Immigrants who at the time resided in Roseto, Pennsylvania. They both loved to get dressed up and go out on the town, attend parties and dance at every opportunity.

Jennie and Joe saved their money and eventually built their own home on Ann Street in Phillipsburg, New Jersey, where they raised their only daughter Sarah Jean Castone. She has kept busy in retirement through the years attending to all of her family and traveling at every opportunity with friends and relatives. Jennie has two grandsons; John and Jeffrey, and three great grandsons, Dylan, Colin, and Aiden, with whom she has created many loving memories. She has always remained close with her immediate family, brother James, sister Joan, deceased sisters Grace, Josie, and Lucille and all of the extended family throughout her entire life and up to this remarkable 100th birthday.

Renaissance Home Forks is honored to have been able to have Jennie and her family share her life and celebrate with us. We hope that this celebration was able to give her and her family another wonderful memory to the many they already have.

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