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Bible Study

In order for Bible study to be harmonious with the eternal Gospel of Jesus Christ, we must approach the God-breathed Scriptures with faith and expectation. Hebrews 4:12 declares that the Word of God is living and active. It will always ignite faith filled minds and hearts, revealing the will and the ways of the one true God.

Moreover, Jesus said His words were not ordinary material words, subject to the torporific tugs of matter and time. His words are Spirit and life-the very life of God! Jesus Christ is, after all, the Word made flesh (John 1) and after heaven and earth are cleansed by fire(2 Peter 3:10), the Word remains.

So after much prayer, study and meditation, a servant of Jesus shares the Bible. These words, Gospel seed, imperishable, seek good soil in the hearts of men and women everywhere.

It is thrilling to watch the Word of God enter so many open hearts at Renaissance. I have witnessed much growth as the Bible comes to life through the testimonies and actions of the residence and staff.

The most exhilarating experiences have been leading several precious souls in a prayer of salvation as they asked Jesus Christ to be their Savior, king and friend forever! It is an honor to be a small part of someone’s salvation story, where everything changes forever. It is an eternal shift from darkness to light, death to life, despair to love without limits. Knowing Jesus changes everything-your eternal address and your very nature. You can never be the same again. The uncreated God of all has come to live in you.

So with awe, reverence and excitement, we are journeying deeper into God together. While I may be the one leading the Bible study (as Holy Spirit leads), I am weekly the recipient of the love and insight shared by those who faithfully come to explore the ineffably rich inheritance we have in Christ. The Word of God is our divine guide into the realm of the Spirit. Together we are learning and growing, the Word unfolding, hearts changing.

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