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A world where the reigning powers are the . They find themselves in a crisis, in which the ancient  help, but they also find many troubles. The movie has the voice of , Roberto Benigni and the . It has the voice of , Massimo Troisi and the . The whole movie is mainly spoken in an archaic , but also in . It was co-written by the  and the director . Plot summary In the , two friends,  and , are able to wake up in the  , a world where the rulers are the . They find themselves in a crisis, in which the ancient  help them, but also meet the  who start to fight against the . After being chased by the , the two friends are aided by the , a wise man and magician, who also gives them the , a kind of magic weapon. The  travel to , where the  have enslaved all the people and intend to burn all the  for the . The friends are caught by the  and taken to , a mysterious land where all the  are put to death. To , the two friends meet , the last , and the , a man who has all the . He helps them with an ancient  that forces the  to die. The , who were set free, then tell the friends the tale of the . The  tries to kill the friends, but the  appears and with his , the  destroys the . Then the  and the  return to the XV century. Cinematic references In the year ,  and  were released by the . The movie has some references to , such as the , the  and the . Also, some characters such as , , , , , ,  and  are remakes of existing characters from  and . A character named , also from the  and , appears in this film. He is described as a , and is a blacksmith, who was persecuted and then enslaved by the , before being set free. Cast The cast includes:   – Walter Chiari   – Paolo Bonolis   – Michael Pachner   – Lella Ceriani   – Emma Gramatica   – Giorgio Albertazzi   –



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Utorrent Non Chi Resta Che Piangere Download Latest

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